The Manono Extension Project comprises two granted exploration permits (PRs 4029 and 4030) covering 242.25km2 surrounding the Manono Project licence.

Within the project, there are two primary targets delineated from the photo-geological interpretation (completed in 2014) that potentially represent the strike extensions of the Manono pegmatite to the SW and to the NE:

  • SW Extension Target: A mapped pegmatite body of about 800m strike length and 200m wide, the SW target is a very highly weathered Calcic feldspar (albite)-quartz-muscovite pegmatite with parallels in mineralisation characteristics to the main Kitotolo pegmatites which may represent the southern extension to the main Kitotolo orebody.

  • NW Extension Target: A well-developed lateritic cover under soil, with laterite believed to be 2-3m thick covering the strike extension of the Manono pegmatities and measuring 2km by 1.5km.